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Flexible Dentures


  •  ULTRAflexTM

Multifunctional composite resin for flexible partials.


• No special equipment needed

• Repairable

• Non-allergenic

• Clear clasps unnoticeable in the mouth

• Self-adjusting when placed in medium hot water before placement

• Various color stable shades

ULTRAflex partials can be made in pink with a pink, clear or tooth shade clasp.

ULTRAflex partials with clear clasps are so optically clear 
that they act as a chameleon.

ULTRAflex is an alternative to expensive metal partials 
or can be used in conjunction with metal partials for better esthetics.

Since there is NO methylmethacrylate monomer (MMA) 
in ULTRAflex it is considered an allergy free material.

ULTRAflex is a modified composite with flex for partial dentures.

ULTRAflex is different than conventional nylon materials 
that break in that ULTRAflex can be easily repaired or relined.

ULTRAflex will give your patients many years of problem free 
partial dentures with comfort.

It is available in 9 available colors including cadmium free 
& ethnic shades.

The Ultraflex™ Partial offers a better fitting denture which reduces post operative chair time. 
Your patient will realize a greater comfort and the improved function of their new Ultraflex™ immediately. 
The plastic clasps come in clear and in tooth shades for maximum esthetics. Ultra
flex maintains excellent color stability. 
Isn’t it time you tried Ultra


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